Exit signs are devices in public buildings that show the way out. The pictogram variety, with or without the text supplement, is used for most exit signs around the world and this sign can also be illuminated, since smoke or failure of electrical lighting may reduce visibility in a fire, usually by one of:

  • Photoluminescent phosphorescence, where light is absorbed from the surroundings and slowly re-emitted
  • Electric light, with a local rechargeable power source
  • Electric light, with the building’s emergency lighting circuits providing backup power from a UPS and/or generator in case normal power is lost

photoluminescent fire safety signsExit signs are mandated by the existing fire regulations to tell people where they must go to get out of your place of work. All exit routes should be clearly marked using signs that comply with the current fire regulations. The most important thing about modern exit signs is that they all include a graphic symbol.

When an emergency occurs, the time between the lights going out and the emergency lights coming on, coupled with the sound of the fire alarm is the time when panic and confusion can set in.

Photoluminescent safety signs emit a strong light source under sudden power loss situations. This helps people to orientate themselves to ensure that they can evacuate efficiently and effectively.


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  • Safety signs should not be located in a place containing a number of other signs or objects of similar size and colour.
  • Safety signs should not be located in areas where colour contrast is poor.
  • Add supplementary text to safety signs to increase their length and further improve comprehensibility and legibility.
  • Train all staff, occupiers and visitors to understand the distinctive color and geometric shape of safety signs as well as the detail of any graphical symbol signs used. Continue to reinforce this training and awareness.
  • For fire exit safety signs, it is preferable to use additional reinforcing directional signs rather than rely on one larger sign at a longer viewing distance.