Surveillance cameras are becoming ever more popular in both commercial and residential uses. Hidden from sight, as well as the camera can be utilized to get evidence of a criminal activity. Furthermore, surveillance cameras give you the flexibility of indoor/outdoor use, along with the ability to cover big/small areas not readily accessible the naked eye.

In high risk regions, where the public, companies as well as your premises might be at risk, North London Fire & Security Systems can install surveillance cameras that will broadcast pictures to your own security station, empowering trained operators to see your web site at the push of a button, as well as shadow funny characters across the premises.

CCTV is a surveillance tool that is powerful. Not only do we at Security Systems North London Fire & possess the capability to supply your system requirements but also the obligation to design out any potential infringements which could affect other people’s Civil Liberties. Therefore the design criteria for CCTV requires a professional and serious approach, from camera record facilities through to distant survelliance.

Monochrome or colour; outside or internal; notable or secret locations; ‘local’, intergrated, or tracked by our Central Station; the choice is endless, but every system is designed to fulfill your special needs.


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We can upgrade your existing system or install a new CCTV system with video servers or Digital Video recorders which can be connected to the internet & viewed & operated remotely from anywhere in the world.



This application utilises an existing Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) by using the existing IT cable network & installing digital cameras with there own IP address controlled by a PC or video server. In layman’s terms the cameras & control we install are part of the existing computer main frame & can reduce installation costs by having no wiring to complete.

Wireless CCTV

Running cables & wires, trunking & containment is not always possible, in some circumstances (heritage sites & listed buildings) it is unthinkable, this is where we can solve any problem by installing CCTV systems with wireless remote communication.

Covert CCTV

This is usually used in circumstances where theft or a crime is strongly suspected & video evidence is required to support any accusation. Our solution to this requirement is usually solved by completing the installation out of hours or under the guise of other works (electrician changing a light) as people become suspicious when we are working in a area where the incident/s are taking place.